Recording & Media

Your event captured! Every seminar, platform presentation and keynote speech recorded for distribution and sale through a number of formats. Having worked with some of the leading venues in the UK for 40 years, Essential Event Management can provide recording equipment, editing and mastering services and duplication onto physical and digital formats, direct download or streaming from a number of platforms.
However packed your programme, we’ll make sure the experience you provide is available, not just for your guests and delegates to take away, but for a potential worldwide audience.

Cameraman filming
Luke Martin
Luke Martin
Head of Essential Event Management

How we can help you


  • Create a recording schedule
  • Create template artwork for quick production of physical media at the event
  • Manage all artwork, design and brand elements
  • Choose format and equipment requirements per venue
  • Collate any images and graphics required for your products
Picture of sound desk


  • Provide recording equipment for film and audio from spoken word to live music
  • Record multiple venues and locations simultaneously
  • Manage the technical requirements
  • Onsite video and audio editing
  • Duplication of physical media types including CD, DVD, USB
  • Media ready for take home or delivered post event
  • Development of media brand to fit your event theme
  • Event ordering and retail of physical media types
Picture of man vision mixing cameras on screen


  • Post-event editing and mastering
  • Ongoing fulfilment of event orders and management of digital media
  • CDs, DVDs, MP3 and MP4 USB sticks manufactured to order for sale
  • Digital platform management for downloads and streaming
Picture of person editing audio
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