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We know that organising events has been a challenge over the last year due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the last year, we’ve been developing a ground-breaking online event solution, creating something truly pioneering to service the conference event space. 

We’ve already started to offer this event solution to several of our clients. We are now ready to proudly introduce CrowdConnect, our brand-new online events offering. CrowdConnect will be able to deliver experiences across the whole spectrum of online and hybrid events.  

What is CrowdConnect?

CrowdConnect delivers a great event experience streamed into your viewers homes. It’s an online platform that enables event sessions to be streamed to both smart devices and computers. CrowdConnect includes all the key-viewer functions of other popular streaming platforms. This means that viewers can watch and interact with your event with ease. CrowdConnect seamlessly delivers professional online event experiences regardless of style or audience size.

CrowdConnect Platform Features 

CrowdConnect has many key features that help to create the full event experience whilst your viewers engage remotely. 

Live Interaction with event sessions 

One reason why we love going to events, is to socialise with other people who think and feel the same way we do. Through one-to-one networking in the meeting hub, viewers have the opportunity to spark those initial conversations, have a virtual coffee with people they’ve just met and to ask event organisers and speakers their all-important questions. 

Fully Customisable to your brand 

Our CrowdConnect platform isn’t just one size fits all, we can fully customise the page with your branding and house style to give your event the full feel that it’s yours.  

Access full analytics 

See the full impact of your event with easy-to-read graphs and charts. Which session had the most attendance? Which speaker was the most popular? How many viewers are using the platform at any one time? From registration through to post-event, see how your audience engage and take this into consideration when building on future events. 

Spring Harvest Home 21

Abby Guiness, Head of Spring Harvest, explains just how important the CrowdConnect platform will be for Spring Harvest’s event, Spring Harvest Home, this year. 

“We are delighted to be using CrowdConnect to welcome our guests who have engaged with us for over 40 years. We’re excited to see how these excellent online facilities captivate our guests and give them the best and full event experience.”  

Abby Guiness, Head of Spring Harvest

Are you looking to take your event online? Perhaps you’ve done so already and are now looking to take your event plans to the next level. Contact us today and let us help you make your online event a success. 

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